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Instructional Media Examples

1. Camtasia Instructional Products (click on links below to access)

a. Learning Excel - Lesson 1
b. Learning Excel - Lesson 2
c. Learning Excel - Lesson 3
d. Using Rational - with Camtasia

2. Podcast (Audio File - MP3)

3. Podcast (Video Files - M4V) click on links below to access

a. Case Study -- Accounting
b. Use of Student Web Space

4. Streamed Videos ( click on links below to access)

a. Instructional Video
b. Case Video
c. Introductory Video

5. Power Point with Audio (click on links below to access)

a. iSpringPro (SEE-I Model)

b. iSpringPro (Intro PPT)

c. ISpring_Converter_(Intro_PPT_to_HTML5)

d. Compressed PPT File Using Impatica

e. Scripts of Power Point File (PDF File) to meet ADA Compliance

f. Welcome_to_the_course_sample_product

g. PPT converted to MP4 (Intro to WGS 201)

h. PPT as interactive instructional product

i. PPT as an e-Booklet

j. Critical Thinking Part 1

k. Critical Thinking Part 2

6. Soft Chalk Products

7. Raptivity Products (Examples)

a. Example 1 (Booklet)

b. Example 2 (Pyramid)

8. Using a Writing Tool to Create Web-Supported Video Instructional Products (Easy To Do).

a. Example 1

b. Example 2

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